Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flowers Flowers Everywhere

Okay, even I can appreciate the beauty of flowers...for a day or so or until my car is covered in yellow pollen. When spring rolls around I often get asked how the grounds at work are looking. So, I snapped a few pictures of a spring day in Richmond. I Hope you enjoy!

This patch of flowers is outside of the entrance.
The Stone Barn and it's lovely tree.

The Italian Garden in all it's tulip glory!
The Italian Garden
The Italian Garden - This is the favorite wedding spot,,,you can just imagine a bride walking towards you!

A close-up of a fully opened tulip.

Weddings occur under the dome at the top of the picture.

The Italian Garden overlooks the Japanese Garden which is down at the river level.
A path up from the Italian Garden. Everything is so green!
Looking out into the Italian Garden. I love the columns!
Looking back towards the Italian Garden from the path. That arch is one of my favorite picture spots.
That is the end brides start at as they walk towards the dome.

Love the color of this flower!
Simple white flower over flowing onto the original walkway,

More flowering trees off in the distance as seen through the porte-cochere of the Mansion.


  1. Just beautiful. Ahorsesoul from MHH

  2. The grounds are just beautiful, Kim. Would love to see those sites while at work.